We exchange items  only if the result of our error or the item is faulty. 

Considering that we sell yarn in spools and each quantity is chosen by the customer (minimum quantity is 100 grams, every next step – 10 grams), we unwind it on a special machine and cut from the spool, the product is personalized and individually prepared for each customer, so it is not possible exchange it.

Based on the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. accepted on May 20, 2014. 255 Paragraph 22 of the Rules on Distance Contracts sets out the cases in which the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal and therefore the goods cannot be returned. Pursuant to Clause 22.3 of the Regulations one of the cases in which the consumer does not have a right of withdrawal is where the product is made to the consumer ‘s instructions or the product is clearly personalized. Consequently, in view of the specific nature of the yarn sold above at WWW.WOOLYYARN.COM, consumers do not have a right of withdrawal when making a purchase of yarn on the WOOLYYARN website, as in these cases the yarn is clearly personalized.